Who are we ?

Welcome to TerreAcrocs!

Passionate about carnivorous plants since 2009, we are committed to providing you with a successful experience in the fascinating world of these unique plants. We cultivate a carefully selected and diverse collection of temperate carnivorous plants, accessible to everyone: beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Our collection has two main objectives:

  1. Selecting plants for their aesthetic appeal and unique characteristics.
  2. Selecting plants for conservation and preservation purposes.

Indeed, the collection is divided between hybrids created by humans to push the limits of sizes, colors, and original shapes, as well as species and varieties threatened in nature due to the destruction of natural wetland areas in the United States for urbanization.

Our Commitment:

At TerreAcrocs, we constantly emphasize the quality, health, and vigor of our plants. Each specimen is raised with care, in natural conditions: outdoors, to ensure strong tolerance of our plants to climatic conditions (rain and wind).

Our Collection:

The collection includes nearly 350 different plants with dozens of species and a multitude of varieties, mainly covering the genera Dionaea, Drosera, and Sarracenia. Whatever your tastes, we strive to surprise and satisfy you: Contact us 😊

Why Choose TerreAcrocs:

By choosing TerreAcrocs, you opt for quality, expertise, service, and great availability. We are committed to providing you with the best carnivorous plants, as well as personalized customer support to meet your needs.

Explore our collection today and be tempted by the beauty and diversity of our carnivorous plants.